MRLG Version 5.5.0

The Latest Version of MRLG is 5.5.0 - released Sat Sep 27 03:16:28 UTC 2014

MRLG is the Multi-Router Looking Glass

Written by John Fraizer @ OP-SEC and originally released on November 27, 2000, MRLG provides network operators with the ability to query network elements without exposing their router credentials.

Perl 5.x
ExecCGI privileges
If you use MRLG on your network, please Send me an Email and let me know at:

I won't SPAM you but, it will give me the ability to contact you when new releases are available.

MRLG Version 5.5.0 has been released. 


If you are using a version of MRLG prior to version 5.5.0, please upgrade immediately.
All versions of MRLG prior to version 5.5.0 include a ping utility that has been found to be vulnerable to remote memory corruption.  See CVE-2014-3931 for details.

The Latest Version of MRLG includes a much improved ping utility for those running pings from the webserver host that runs MRLG.

The latest version of MRLG is version 5.5.0 released 27 September 2014.
It is available for download at: mrlg-5.5.0.tgz
The MD5SUM of mrlg-5.5.0.tgz is 690cc0b75bd52dfcbc7953868e752fd9

Multi-Router Looking Glass (MRLG) is Copyright (c) 2000-2014 by John Fraizer
All Rights Reserved